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Needing more floor space in your home leaves you with three options: to have your house renovated; to move out and buy a new house; or to have home additions. Renovating may not suffice the needed additional space. Purchasing a new house may be too costly. Therefore, a practical choice would be to add home additions.

L&M Contracting has home addition services that will definitely help you in your home addition needs. The additions that L&M Contracting can do are not only limited to residential buildings. The team can also do additions to retail, commercial, industrial and institutional structures too. Additions can vary from adding a new bedroom; extending your kitchen and living room; having a new home office; building a garage; adding another storey to a building – or just about anything.

L&M Contracting can guide you in making the preliminary plans, designing the home addition, choosing the right supplies, getting the pertinent documents signed, to having the job started until its completion. L&M Contracting has a team of reliable architects, interior designers, engineers, and workers that are very much experienced in their trade. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and have completed countless home addition projections to the clients’ expectations and satisfaction.

The company also works hand in hand with carefully selected participating vendors. These vendors supply doors, windows, designer ceilings, pre-fabricated walls, wainscoting, mouldings, hardwood floorings, custom interior trim, awnings, shutters, and every kind of amenity that is of fine quality. L&M Contracting’s constructing provisions are not only limited to the usual home hardware supplies. We also provide built-in additions such as electrical wirings, mechanical supplies, waterproofing, insulation, roofings, 24-hour security systems, and a lot more.

However, while L&M Contracting can provide you with good equipment, supplies and people, you also have the liberty to hire your own set of workers and suppliers of your choice. The company then manages and organizes the team so as to keep the home addition process always in check.

The usual notion of having home additions is the inconvenience for the part of the homeowners themselves. The construction process may affect the household’s daily routine; workers and other contractors may intrude privacy; and the construction process itself may subject the homeowners to added cleaning load. The best part of L&M Contracting’s home addition services is that the team works clean. They take into careful consideration the organization of how the work is done so that the work area is left neat and clean. A neat work area reflects the quality of the worker. This indicates that the contractor you have hired has efficient management skill. Furthermore, it assures clients of the contractor’s professionalism in terms of workmanship.

Home additions are a cost-effective way of adding space to a building. However, it is important to engage the services of a trusted and reliable contractor to do the home additions; otherwise the result may turn awry. L&M Contracting can do the job for you. To get a free quotation for your planned home additions, contact 905-985-1003.


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Building a new home is a costly feat that entails so much planning and preparation. The technical aspect of building a house, or any infrastructure for that matter, is the toughest challenge for people who are not oriented to architecture and engineering. However, L&M Contracting can help you when you plan to have a new construction in your area. May it be a residential building, or for other purposes such as retail stores, commercial and institutional buildings.

The basics for having a new construction can be summed up into 5 easy steps that serve as a guide for homeowners who wish to know how a new construction is done:

1. ASSESS Before starting anything, determine if you are financially able to carry out a new construction. Do a self-check to determine whether you can afford the construction expenses, the taxes entailed, funds for any down payments, cash to pay your contractor, etc.

Determine your budget. Lay out a financial plan and do a checklist to see if you have adequate resources to backup your new construction plans. Next, scout for a good location for your planned building. Choose a lot that’s affordable and well-priced, not too risky when it comes to environmental considerations, and look for a location that is accessible and safe.

If you do have a lot already at hand, think about what kind of house you want – it can be a bungalow, a townhouse, an apartment-type, a duplex, or a mansion. Determine not only the architectural design, but decide on how many rooms you want, how you like the floor plan to be laid out, etc.

You may want to hire an architect or draftsman to help you on putting your construction specifications on blueprint and paper. They can help you revise the plan and to choose the kind of materials needed that would fit your budget and design. You may also want to arrange for any financial backups needed for your new construction. Construction lending is a good idea. You need to get a construction line credit that can be used to pay your contractor and other workers.

Next, find a contractor. L&M Contracting’s new home construction services can give you a complete supply of architectural, engineering, design and plumbing services; as well as other supporting suppliers for home fixtures and additions, and other personalized amenities such as landscaping and swimming pools. Present your plan to the contractor, make negotiations, and finalize the contract.

Start your new construction. Inspect and evaluate the work process every now and then. This is to check whether revisions need to be done on the plan, if the supplies are enough, or if the construction is within budget and on schedule.

You may want to hire an interior designer to decorate your house and a contractor for the landscaping. L&M Contracting can help you with the design as well.

Once the construction is completed along with the additions, then you are ready to move in to your new house!

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

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L&M Contracting can assist and inspire you on how to renovate your kitchen and bathroom. With our team of architects, designers, draftsmen, and other tradespeople who are amongst the finest in their respective professions, we can help you bring your dream kitchen / bathroom to reality. We will plan the design of your renovation, choose the right suppliers, perfectly execute the plan, and complete the project in a little span of time. To top it off, the finishing will be in the most exquisite workmanship.

Kitchen Renovations Our kitchen renovation services include thorough planning of the design. Dreaming of an elegant and clean kitchen? What about an open concept kitchen? The designs for the kitchen are endless and it is only limited by your imagination. You can choose to leave the designing to us or you can design the remodeling yourself. Whichever option you choose, we will always be there to guide you through the whole process.

Kitchen additions and fixtures such as cabinets, countertops, kitchen islands, and steel-work appliances can be taken care of by our team of suppliers. Other kitchen additions such as creating a small bar or adding a pantry room are also common additions to the kitchen. Floorings vary from marble, hardwood, or ceramic tiles. [Building relationships with my clients, throughout my unique process of design - Square Footage Custom Kitchens] Any changes entailed for the plumbing and water system may also be done by L&M Contracting’s set of experienced workers for you.


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Bathroom Renovations The great renovation services of L&M Contracting also ring true for bathroom renovations. This includes the bathroom remodeling design plan. Specifics such as the type of tiling needed is also considered, whether to completely change the look of the bathroom or just to make minor alterations. The renovation process includes provision of bathroom fixtures such as shower enclosures, glass doors, bathroom vanities, islands, countertops, faucets and sinks. The plumbing and water system may also be considered if major remodeling work is to be carried out.

For clients who wish to make their bathrooms more personalized, bathroom additions such as installing a Jacuzzi and whirlpool tub can also be supplied by L&M Contracting. Major alterations may entail complete reconstruction of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as adding up additions to the existing structure. L&M Contracting is happy to serve you with their wide variety of construction services, coupled with their reliable team of professional workers who have extensive knowledge and skills in their trade.

L&M Contracting assures you that despite the wear and tear of renovating, a clean and quick job can be accomplished without hurting your finances. All renovation works done will widely depend on the customer’s preferences since L&M Contracting values the autonomy of the client. The company also makes it a point that whatever is done is within the budget of the customer. The team assesses every facet of the plan and design so that homeowners can have the best value for their money.

L&M Contracting can aid you in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Get a free quotation by calling 905-985-1003.


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We offer a wide variety of services that would fit every customer’s desire, including custom homes, additions, design builds, personalized landscape designs, and a whole lot more! Besides residential properties, we also handle commercial projects as well.