Great Rooms

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One of the classical examples of an open concept design is the great room.

Great rooms are usually found in old homes, inspired by medieval great halls. They are located in the heart of the house, occupying a vast space with a high ceiling, usually equivalent to two-floors of a building. What makes it an epitome of an open concept design is that a great room serves varied purposes, as the immense space can be shared with other rooms in the house such as the family room, study, and kitchen. This allows more flexibility in the home, plus the added space gives the house a grand look and feel. If you wish to remodel your house so that you could have a great room, L&M Contracting is happy to assist you. With our team of designers, architects and engineers, we can give valuable advice on how to design your great room. Multi-storey homes are ideal choices for having great rooms. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great room in your single storey house. L&M Contracting will study the possibilities and explore the option of building additions and re-inventing the design of the house so as to accommodate a great room in your single storey house.

L&M Contracting can also help you in choosing the best windows that suits your great room design perfectly. The expansive window is probably the highlight feature of a great room, next to the high ceiling. You can choose to have a grand arched window to give an antique air to your room or a modern plain glass window – whichever is your preference. We value custom build, so you are free to add personalized room fixtures and additions. Since the ceiling is the star of the grand room, L&M Contracting and its suppliers can provide you with a state-of-the art designer ceiling. Custom furnishings such as chimneys and an interior balcony overlooking the great room can also be installed to enhance the look and feel of the great room.

L&M Contracting makes sure that the work is always complete. We can do interior designing services to your great room, or to other areas of your home. Our team of designers can help you decide on the right curtains to put up, as the high windows and the light being filtered through the draperies add a dramatic effect to the interior. Putting up a grand chandelier at the center of the great room also creates an elegant feel to the house, as well as complimenting with the high ceiling. Since great rooms create such a vast space in your home, you might want to consider having your furniture customized. L&M Contracting can help you contact furniture makers who can create custom designs for you, as well as giving you thoughtful advice on how to arrange the large furniture inside the great room.

If you are looking to build a great room in your house, L&M Contracting, with our years of experience in the renovation industry, will be your best bet. Call 905-985-1003 for more inquiries.

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