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At L&M Contracting, we offer perfect construction and design services to meet every client’s unique needs. We only employ the very best people to work for us. From the bricklayer to the electrician, rest assured that we only engage the services of the top tradespeople in their profession. Quality is our assurance.

We get the job done with minimal fuss. Efficiency is our trademark and we understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines while at the same time, not compromising our quality in any way. You will be surprised how fast we manage to get the job done! We plan for the long term. The quality of our materials and the solid foundation we have laid will ensure that your house will stay in good shape for many years to come.

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We believe that our innovative and creative designs make us stand out from the crowd. And it can’t be just a design that we like; we make sure that it is a sentiment that you share as well. May the project be renovations, luxury homes, or commercial buildings, L&M Contracting makes sure that the building materials, additions, plan, and design work in harmony with the customer’s preferences.

We make it a point to help homeowners choose the best options for additions that would fit their lifestyles perfectly. Thorough assessment is done beforehand so as to give the greatest value for the client’s investment.

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The core idea of L&M Contracting is custom building. Our services are unique and highly customized so that customers can make their dream homes come true. L&M Contracting can also do a complete design/build, in accordance of course, with the customer’s approval.

From concrete surfaces, concrete walls, windows, shutters, 24-hour emergency services, landscaping, pools, heating and insulation sources, and renovations, L&M Contracting can offer you all amenities imaginable to give you the luxury home and building at a very reasonable cost.

For more information and inquiries, please call Mike Mooney at (905) 985-1003.

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“The benefits of building with a light gauge steel structure are endless. It’s time to change the way we build a home! BONE Structure® allows us to build a home that is truly custom and bound only by your imagination. L&M Contracting is proud to be a Authorized builder of BONE Structure® Homes in Serving Durham & Surrounding Areas.”

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For more information and inquiries, please call on the below number

(905) 985-1003

L&M Contracting, our aim is to build your dream home that is customized to your lifestyle while at the same time, giving you the best value for your money.

We offer a wide variety of services that would fit every customer’s desire, including custom homes, additions, design builds, personalized landscape designs, and a whole lot more! Besides residential properties, we also handle commercial projects as well.