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Let Us Design Your Addition
Creating a home extension is a great way to add space to your existing infrastructure without having to move out and buy a bigger home. L&M Contracting has a team of reliable professional workers who specialize in constructing additions to your residential and commercial buildings. Designing your additions is a crucial part in the planning phase of constructing room additions, as any shortcomings with the design will greatly affect the length of time of completion and most importantly, the budget.
30 Years of Construction Experience
L&M Contracting has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. This assures every client that projects undertaken by L&M Contracting have excellent quality results attested by its decades of experience. The L&M Contracting team includes architects, interior designers, engineers, and many other trusted tradespeople who are not only endowed with professional experience in the industry, but also with the right amount of dedication and commitment that will assure homeowners the satisfaction they deserve in acquiring the company’s services. Throughout the years, L&M Contracting has adapted to the latest trends in construction.
Open Concept Construction
With L&M Contracting’s open concept construction, homeowners can enjoy the feel of a minimalist home, maximizing space to the building. Open concept construction provides flexible space to your infrastructures. This innovative concept in architectural design makes it possible for clients to have a building with an “open look;” de-cluttering the area with unnecessary beams, divisions, walls, and poles; and creating a wider square footage. L&M Contracting and its team of designers, architects, and other tradesmen will provide for you an efficient and cost-effective open concept construction design for your building plans and home additions.
Design Your Living Space
L&M Contracting believes that the customer is always right. The team makes it a point that clients are allowed to retain their autonomy in designing their homes and buildings. With proper assessment and perusing of the design, a highly customized construction plan is achieved. L&M Contracting works with the client in planning out the design so that they can get the look that they wish to have. Questions are asked, and if deemed possible, suggestions are made by the team to help improve the client’s design. With L&M Contracting’s concept of custom building, clients are able to design their living space exactly as they envisioned it.
Keep You Updated on Construction Progress
L&M Contracting doesn’t leave customers hanging after working with them in the planning and designing phase. The team keeps you updated on the construction progress from time to time. This assures clients that the finalized plan is executed exactly as it should be, as well as letting them know if changes are to be done as deemed necessary if unprecedented events occur. Constant updates also allow the client to keep their budget in check. While L&M Contracting plans the construction thoroughly before starting, the team believes that flexibility through updates is also key to a successful completion of the project.
At L&M Contracting, we offer the perfect construction and design services to meet every client’s unique needs. We only employ the very best people to work for us. From the bricklayer to the electrician, rest assured that we only engage the services of the top tradespeople in their profession. Quality is our assurance.
We get the job done with minimal fuss. Efficiency is our trademark and we understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines while at the same time, not compromising our quality in any way. You will be surprised how fast we manage to get the job done! We plan for the long term. The quality of our materials and the solid foundation we have laid will ensure that your house will stay in good shape for many years to come.
We believe that our innovative and creative designs make us stand out from the crowd. And it can’t be just a design that we like; we make sure that it is a sentiment that you share as well. May the project be renovations, luxury homes, or commercial buildings, L&M Contracting makes sure that the building materials, additions, plan, and design work in harmony with the customer’s preferences.
We make it a point to help homeowners choose the best options for additions that would fit their lifestyles perfectly. Thorough assessment is done beforehand so as to give the greatest value for the client’s investment.